Augusto Esteves

Augusto Esteves, PhD, FRSA

Assistant Professor at Napier [CV]

Karen Darragh

Karen Darragh

PhD candidate in Interaction Design

Gopal Jamnal

Gopal Jamnal

PhD candidate in Data Mining

We are always on the look-out for new students. If you are interested in studying with us, do not hesitate to get in touch.

There are various funding opportunities available for prospective students, e.g.: Carnegie PhD Scholarships (for graduates from Scottish universities); the Chinese Scholarship Council (for Chinese nationals); or FCT Studentships and Fellowships (for EU citizens, to be co-supervised with a Portuguese university).

Researcher Interns and Visitors

Gabriele Maffoni

Gabriele Maffoni

Joaquim Perez

Joaquim Perez

Intern co-supervised with M-ITI

We are happy to host exceptional students who wish to gain hands-on experience with HCI research. We are open to visits throughout the year, and are happy to supervise a wide range of research projects, from BSc and MSc work, to established researchers looking for collaborations on one of our areas of expertise.

There are various funding opportunities available for prospective interns and visiting researchers, e.g.: the Erasmus+ traineeships; or IAESTE.



Industry partner

Interactions Lab @ UNIST

Academic partner


Collaboration with Dr Filipe Quintal


Collaboration with Dr Vassilis-Javed Khan and Dr Saskia Bakker


Public engagement



Our lab is equipped with cutting-edge sensors and output devices, including EEG and wearable eye-trackers, head-mounted displays for augmented- and virtual-reality, gestural input systems, and various wearable devices such as smart watches.


The lab also supports research that relies on fabrication, physical computing, and tangible interaction.


Our members have privileged access to the Sensorium, a state-of-the-art space for specialised HCI research. Here, researchers can easily aggregate and analyse physical, psychological, and neurological real-time responses to novel user interfaces.